Why the Internet Gives Me Hope for a Location-Agnostic Future (and Why That’s Great)

Every morning I wake up, help prepare my family and myself for the day, make a cup of coffee, then take my usual walk to work…down a hallway and to the right. I don’t so much “go” to work as I log into it.

“Hey, dude”: Building Company Culture on a Remote Team

...while we all really enjoy working with each other and the camaraderie of using Slack to keep in touch, sometimes it’s a little difficult to really tap into that feeling of being part of a team when you spend most of your work day in an office by yourself. So how do you work to build community and culture for your company when the majority of your coworkers are over 1,000 miles away from your desk? We’re not positive, but we have a pretty good idea. Here are some strategies we’ve been trying over the past few months, some longer:

A Perfectionist’s Guide to Fighting Perfectionism

Perfectionism is an odd trait. On the surface, it sounds like such a positive thing – who wouldn’t want to be a little obsessive about perfection? Why wouldn’t it be a positive trait to be focused on making sure every element of a given thing ends up just right? Unfortunately, perfectionism is usually a pitfall, and almost always symptomatic of another problem entirely.

Hypothetical Apologies Pt. 2: Old-Fashioned Apologies

My one-year-old nephew is just starting to talk, and it’s awesome. He'll talk to you, but finding that bridge between what he’s saying and what he means always requires a certain special blend of translation and intuition. “Malh,” he says, and it’s pretty obvious that he’s looking for milk. “Gaaihnn” is my name. And “ayaaa,” can mean any number of various things from “uncle,” to “aunt,” to, well…almost literally anything else. It’s fascinating to watch him form audible correlations to objects and ideas, and then hear him try to pronounce them. But one of the most interesting things to watch him do is apologize.

Hypothetical Apologies & Pizza Dreams

It’s 3:21 am and you’re sleeping soundly, snoring a little as your body warms itself with the slow but sure metabolization of the deep-dish pizza you ate only a mere 6 hours ago. You’re probably dreaming, and your dreams are probably about more pizza. Suddenly, those dreams are shattered by a surprisingly loud sigh, followed by what is almost surely a whisper, but to your half-asleep ears sounds definitively like a blood-curdling exclamation.